Why Mexico? (did the tequila makes us do it?)

Back in the late 1970’s and into the 80’s while I was living in Tucson. We used to go to a little coastal town about 3 hours south, across the border into Mexico. The gringos called it Rocky Point. Back then there wasn’t much going on, just miles of sand dunes and the Sea Of Cortez with it’s warm clear water, extreme tide changes, and of course tequila.  This was Arizona’s beach. A secret to most of America. Penasco was our little drinking village with a fishing problem.  Camp on the beach, ride the dunes,  bask in the Mexican sun … did I mention tequila?  As time went by,  life got in the way and I didn’t see Rocky Point again until the 21st century.  A new life, a new wife, kids grown and gone.. it was time for us.

Mexico hadn’t been far off our radar, having traveled to Cabo San Lucas a couple times.  I blame Sammy Hagar for this.  The  sea and it’s beaches took hold of us and my wife set her mind that she wanted to live on the beach. My sister had recently invested in one of the new beach view  in paradise locations in Puerto Penasco, and we just had to go check it out. Wow, sometime in the late 80’s and 90’s, big money discovered our beach and grew resort condo’s with fancy landscaping and swimming pools out of all that sand.  What a difference 20 years can make, even tho her resort, Bella Sirena, was still building and trying to grow grass in the sand, the condo made an impression. And the hook was set.

Rocky Point itself hadn’t changed much, still a poor town, struggling to get by on a few pesos a day and whatever bounty they could net from the sea and the tourists.  In the boom years there were were a plethora of cantinas and bars where thirsty gringo fishermen and Arizona students on spring break would thrive on cheap beer and tequila. If you happened to be in town on one of these gringo holidays,  the party atmosphere was everywhere. We continued to visit at least yearly, getting our Mexico fix, tho we continued to vist  Baja, drawn back by an addiction to the Tropic of Cancer, exploring  LaPaz,  San Jose,  Los Barillos, anywhere the sea met the sand.

Meet the builder

The second step has been taken. After much research and question asking. We have decided on Ismael Murrieta as our contractor and builder. He was the only one  given glowing reports by multiple gringo’s, as being the most honest builder in Rocky Point, Mexico.

He now has a set of our dream home plans. He will be taking those to the Architect, to be officially drafted. The cost quoted us for the plans from the Architect is $1,000. Ismael also quoted us a fee from the mover of sand (not sure of the technical term for this) to fill and level the lot. The cost for that will be $3,550.00.  We were anticipating costs of about $10,000 for HOA construction fees, permits, and lot preparation. Looks like we will be close to that.

Construction fee break down to date. Architect $1,000.00  HOA fee’s $4,000.00 for approval of plans, permits. $1,000.00 of which is refundable if site is cleaned up weekly. To fill and level lot for foundation, $3,550.00. Total so far $8,500.00 and we still don’t know what it will take to place and plumb the septic.

Yes we have been told that we are crazy to undertake this. But this will be our first built home and will be on our dream beach, so what the heck.

If you would like to help us here is the link www.gofundme.com/Build-a-Beach-home

About build a beach home


We will both be posting to this blog as the project progresses. The plan is to post helpful and hopefully interesting information and photos about the building process in Mexico. We also hope to reach a few fellow beach lovers that would be interested in helping fund our project at gofundme.

The property was purchased in Oct 2012 .  The location of Casa de los Sueños is in the development of   Playa Encanto,  located about 20 minutes out side of Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico in the state of Sonora. It’s a 8000 sq foot corner lot, located 4th row back. It is on the beach access  road.

The lot was purchased for $23,000 (asking price was $29,000) the closing costs ended up being around $6,000.00 and included the bank trust or Fideicomiso. Our Realtor was Branden Mackenzie at Re/Max Legacy. He was great, taking the time to show us the different areas and letting us research the different developments with out any pressure. When we found a lot ( which was listed with a different Realtor) he negotiated the best deal for us. His lovely espousa Reyna, handled our paperwork and coordinated all the legal issues. They both worked pretty hard for us.


Meeting the builder and Archtitect

Latest update. We are headed down to meet with a possible builder and Architect. Hoping we can at least get the house plans drawn up and a builder nailed down. We really need to learn more Spanish, as it can be quite a challenge to communicate ideas and goals at times.

I can tell you the first thing you need plenty of is patience,…. and tequila.  The culture is so much more laid back and so much slower than ours, that it takes a lot more time to get anything started and more importantly finished in Mexico . The   Manana       mentality    But then again that is why we love going down there. No worries about time or deadlines, and of course lots of tequila and crack chicken..



Salt Water cures everything.

casa de sueños

Build a beach home is both a informational and project funding blog. The goal is to educate others about the building process in Mexico, while hopefully raise the additional fund need to complete our project, casa de sueños. If you would like to contribute to the fund raising effort, please visit our go fund it page at  http://www.gofundme.com/Build-a-Beach-home

House of dreams

  We hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to ask us any question along the way.  http://www.gofundme.com/Build-a-Beach-home

View from the lot