casa de sueños

Build a beach home is both a informational and project funding blog. The goal is to educate others about the building process in Mexico, while hopefully raise the additional fund need to complete our project, casa de sueños. If you would like to contribute to the fund raising effort, please visit our go fund it page at

House of dreams

  We hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to ask us any question along the way.

View from the lot

2 thoughts on “casa de sueños

  1. Greeting from a neighboring lot owner. I recently found your site and enjoyed your story and photos. I am also hoping to build there soon. I am retiring in less than two years and am considering get all the plans, survey, permits, grading, septic, etc. done before then so the building could start soon after. I am curious what your price to build does not include, and what other price options were available to you.
    Also, did you have any trouble getting your windows and doors across the border?
    Did you have a set of plans from the U.S., or just an idea of what you wanted for the Mexican architect?



  2. Hola Jim, Thanks for noticin’. Tell us please, which lot is yours? Our contractor was hired to do primarily the structure and his price did not include painting and most of the interior finishes and trim. It did include installing doors, windows and roofing if we provided the materials. We brought these things across the border without problems. It is best to have (or make) receipts and pay your duty with Aduana. it’s easily done ( tho brush up on your espanol) and if you keep your imports under a declared value of $1000, no need for a broker. It has taken us several trips.
    There weren’t many building options. We interviewed a couple contractors, and at the time the construction costs were similar. The plan fees (from the arch, PENCA, and City) were all extra, as were the costs involved in lot survey, prep, and septic. We designed the house ourselves and our contractor used an architect he was familiar with to develop the plans and place the required stamps. If you haven’t touched base with the HOA yet, you should, Especially about electricity. We are a few years from retirement and wanted to get started as we are building the Mexican way of “poco a poco” and hope to be finished in our lifetime….lol

    buena suerte, Brian


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