About build a beach home


We will both be posting to this blog as the project progresses. The plan is to post helpful and hopefully interesting information and photos about the building process in Mexico. We also hope to reach a few fellow beach lovers that would be interested in helping fund our project at gofundme.

The property was purchased in Oct 2012 .  The location of Casa de los Sueños is in the development of   Playa Encanto,  located about 20 minutes out side of Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico in the state of Sonora. It’s a 8000 sq foot corner lot, located 4th row back. It is on the beach access  road.

The lot was purchased for $23,000 (asking price was $29,000) the closing costs ended up being around $6,000.00 and included the bank trust or Fideicomiso. Our Realtor was Branden Mackenzie at Re/Max Legacy. He was great, taking the time to show us the different areas and letting us research the different developments with out any pressure. When we found a lot ( which was listed with a different Realtor) he negotiated the best deal for us. His lovely espousa Reyna, handled our paperwork and coordinated all the legal issues. They both worked pretty hard for us.



2 thoughts on “About build a beach home

  1. I have just purchased a lot and am looking at builder options in Mexico. The resort developer would like me to leverage “his” services but need to cut expenses since the building needs to be paid for in cash and not financed. Can you provide any guidance or recommendations?

    Charles Anthony


    • We went to several HOA meetings and asked others that had built, who they used and recommend. We then took at look at what he built and negotiated a square ft price and what the price included. We only sent $10,000 at time and check the progress before send more money. Just do lots of research and get recommendations, before deciding on a builder.


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