Meet the builder

House of dreams
House of dreams

The second step has been taken. After much research and question asking. We have decided on Ismael Murrieta as our contractor and builder. He was the only one  given glowing reports by multiple gringo’s, as being the most honest builder in Rocky Point, Mexico.

He now has a set of our dream home plans. He will be taking those to the Architect, to be officially drafted. The cost quoted us for the plans from the Architect is $1,000. Ismael also quoted us a fee from the mover of sand (not sure of the technical term for this) to fill and level the lot. The cost for that will be $3,550.00.  We were anticipating costs of about $10,000 for HOA construction fees, permits, and lot preparation. Looks like we will be close to that.

Construction fee break down to date. Architect $1,000.00  HOA fee’s $4,000.00 for approval of plans, permits. $1,000.00 of which is refundable if site is cleaned up weekly. To fill and level lot for foundation, $3,550.00. Total so far $8,500.00 and we still don’t know what it will take to place and plumb the septic.

Yes we have been told that we are crazy to undertake this. But this will be our first built home and will be on our dream beach, so what the heck.

If you would like to help us here is the link


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