The End is in Site

We have a lot of progress to share since the last blog. We have a third story (no roof yet) Interior stairways from the 1st to 2nd floor and a stairway from the 2nd to the 3rd floor ( no more climbing a scary ladder from the 2nd floor deck to the 3rd floor).  Most importantly we have plumbing and electric on the 1st floor.

We spent a week over Thanksgiving and were able to get the doors and windows in the first floor and the wall to the efficiency apartment. So we know have a mini fridge, microwave and a long camp table for the kitchen. For sleeping a airbed  will have to do till we can get the real bed down in couple of weeks. Add a couple of plastic chairs and wala.. you have glamping at it’s finest.

So we have official spent our first week at our new home. Next trip is the bathroom and water tank installation.

Cost wise we are on budget and it is costing us $45.00 USD a sft





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