Close so close

The roof is almost finished, (the roof tiles are being installed this week), can’t wait to see them.

The lower floor apartment has walls, entry door and the concrete block is painted to keep the dust down till the drywall gets installed. I also dyed the concrete floor. It turned out very nice and was super easy to do.

We are now able to stay in our casa. Still need to get a water tank, water heater and pump installed, so that we do not need to haul water in from the outside  water tank to flush the toilet, and then we can get the shower in. We are okay with glamping for now.

Next project is getting 3 sliding doors and two picture windows down so they can be installed and the house stuccoed. This will conclude the contractors part of the building and then the rest is up to us to finish.

We are planning to go down in the next two weeks, so will have more updates and photos soon:)

The big roof beams
The new apartment floor and painted walls.
Teh house from the beach at low tide.. boy is it tall.
Third floor view and my sweetie:)
Workers installing the roof beams and the new rails on the second floor.

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