The latest and greatest

The most recent pictures from the build a beach home project. All the window and doors have been hauled down (shout out to Donnie Grimes and his big truck and trailer) and are being installed. We purchased the windows and doors in Prescott at Lowe’s. For some reason they do not sell vinyl windows and doors in Mexico..go figure.

The  new sliders and picture windows installed

They are beginning to paint. FYI..Paint or painting was not include in the $45.00 a sq foot price. They will only be painting the three tall sides, we will be painting the front, and everything that does require us climbing up on scaffolding. Yes, we are to old and afraid of heights to tackle this project. We Bought the paint at Dunn Edwards store in Penasco. Javier the owner is a good guy.  FYI  it is not cheaper to buy this paint in Mexico as it is imported, but of a better quality then Mexican paints, and Javier can get all of the DE paint types and colors.

The efficiency apartment on the first floor is starting to feel like home. Still lots of work to do.. install water tank, pump and water heater. Get a working shower and sinks. Lower ceiling, drywall..ect.. but it is livable.

We plan on being down to check progress in 3 or so weeks and hope to see most of the painting done and all windows and doors installed. We are anxious to get the workers done and out of there, so we can tackle the many projects we need to do to get the casa livable. Then we can sit and enjoy margaritas and the views. Which will hopefully be before we die of old age..


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